6U VPX Dual Intel® Core™ i7 Computing Node
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6U VPX Dual Intel® Core™ i7 Computing Node


VX6060 is the computing tool the MAG HPEC users were waiting for to walk away from 10 years of PowerPC Altivec™ dominance. Combined with the power of 6U VPX backplane technology, a new range of rugged embedded computers are appearing, which allows outstanding applications to emerge.


» Twice the Computing Power:

Two CPUs, Four Cores, Eight Threads

Embedding two dual core high performance embedded processors, VX6060 is the right answer for rugged embedded computing where the power envelope and dissipation constraints at extreme temperature still prohibit the use of quad core silicon for another number of years.


» With the Right Implementation

Implemented as two independent computing nodes, attached to a powerful Ethernet and PCIe infrastructure, VX6060 is the ideal building bloc for intensive parallel computing loads. Any number of VX6060 can be used together in full mesh or switched OpenVPX environments.


» Each CPU Node Implements:

Intel’s next generation high performance embedded processor with integrated memory controller and graphics – Intel® Core™ i7. Highly integrated Platform Controller Hub – QM57 (codename: Ibex-Peak-M)


» Target Applications


6U VPX: high performance embedded computing and multi-processor systems for:

- Radar, sonar

- Imaging systems

- Airborne fighter and UAV radar



- Dual processor module in 6U form factor.

- Rugged multi display console

- Mainstream SBC


  • New Microarchitecture - Octal Execution Thread VPX Blade
  • Four Cores with Hyperthreading (8 threads total) from 1.67 GHz to 2+ GHz
  • Rugged Conduction-Cooled Version under 100W Power
  • VITA46 and OpenVPX 6U VPX Air-Cooled and Conduction-Cooled Versions
  • Two Intel® Core™ i7 with integrated DDR3 Memory Controller
  • Support for up to 8 GB on 4 Channels, DDR3 1066 MHz, ECC registered SDRAM
  • Modular USB FLASH 16 GB+ Mezzanine
  • Six Gigabit Ethernet Links with onboard Switch
  • VPX Backplane and onboard x4 PCIe Interconnect
  • One XMC Site with x8 PCIe Interface


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