Early Field Test 6U VPX Multi-Processing Board for HPEC computing, Imaging, UAV Radar
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    Performance: Double 3rd Gen Intel Core™ i7 Quad Core™
    Connectivity: Onboard Ethernet Switch, multiple 10G/1G Ports
    Versatility: PMC/XMC, PCIe 3.0 with Kontron VXFabric™
    Extended Life Cycle, Air-Cooled and Conduction-Cooled Versions


The Early Field Test of Double-Quadcore VPX Blades. Preparing the next generation deployment.

This VPX Blade is exclusively dedicated to Early Field Test of Double-Quadcore performance. The product selection for quantity deployment will follow soon, please ask us for early information.

The new double core 6U VPX blade will be available in Air Cooled and Rugged Conduction-Cooled and is supported by the Kontron Long term Supply (LTS) program. It offers the ultimate performance, for digital signal processing in Military, Avionics and Rail markets,

For high performance embedded computing and multi-processor systems:
» Radar, sonar
» Imaging systems
» Airborne fighter and UAV radar

Utilizing a pair of i7-3612QE quad-core processors, the VX6080 is the most powerfull multi-processing board of the Kontron VPX ecosystem. VX6080 is the Kontron 6U VPX Computer Node based on Intel’s intensive processing. The highly integrated Core i7 3rd Generation and the brand new architecture, with 10 GEth and PCIe 3.0, high speed - high capacity memories and integrated graphics, provide the SBC an unmatched level of performance and I/O Bandwidth.

VX6080 offers the best feature set:

» Two processors Intel Core™ i7-3612QE - Quad Core
» Processor perfomance: up to 269 GFLOPs
» Four Cores per processor with Hyperthreading (8 threads total) @ 2.1 GHz, offering a perfomance of 196 GFlops FFT (Max)
» Support for up to 16 GB SDRAM on 2 Channels, per CPU, DDR3 1600 MHz,with ECC.
» Up to 32 GB Soldered SATA NAND Flash and optional Flash mezzanine socket for SATA NAND Flash modules
» Dual Ethernet 10G or 1G per CPU to the 10 GEthernet switch
» Three Giga Ethernet links 1000BASE-T
» x8 PCIe Gen 3.0 to VPX Backplane
» One XMC Site with x8 PCIe Interface

VX6080 is compatible with all Kontron VPX building blocks (Payload boards, carriers, switches, backplanes, OS and drivers) and offer backward compatibility with the previous product generations.

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