PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC)

Standardized by the IEEE association, PMC is the de facto standard for mezzanine cards used in the VME, CompactPCI and VPX ecosystems. PMC offers system designers a reliable form factor with the high-performance of the PCI bus.

Switch Mezzanine Card (XMC & XMC 2.0)

XMC is a PMC with high-speed serial fabric interconnect defined by the VITA 42 standard. XMC specifies an additional connector (P5) that support PCI Express(VITA 42.3) or other high speed serial formats such as Serial RapidIO (VITA 42.2) and Parallel RapidIO (VITA 42.1). In 2011, the VITA association has released the performance improved version XMC 2.0 under VITA 61 standard.

FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC)

FPGA Mezzanine Card, or FMC, as defined in VITA 57 provides a specification describing a new I/O mezzanine module that will connect to, but not be limited to, 3U and 6U form factor cards. FMC modules use a smaller form factor compared with PMC or XMC modules, and assume connection to an FPGA or other device with reconfigurable I/O capability. It is expected that the FMC will be used in a wide range of markets, environments, and carrier card form factors supporting a wide range of I/O interfaces. The standard describes options to create modules for operating in a range of environments from passively cooled to fully ruggedized conduction cooled.

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