PiXtend® and Pi-Tron let you take advantage of the Raspberry Pi world. The product range of the PiXtend® brand consists of electronic controllers based on the Raspberry Pi, as well as expansion modules for digital and analog inputs and outputs. The products are used in the industrial environment, mainly in device and machine construction. Through a suitable cooling concept, these products open up the control cabinet and other industrial applications for the Raspberry community.

  • Sophisticated platform
  • Industrial connectivity
  • Extensive software pool
  • Short Time to Market

Raspberry Pi

Baseboard BL Pi-Tron CM3+

Baseboard BL Pi-Tron CM3+ with highly scalable computing ...

PiXtend® V2 -S-

Fast, reliable and connection friendly

PiXtend V2 -L-

Fast, reliable and connection friendly

PiXtend® eIO

Easy, reliable and conncetion friendly

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