The world of industrial applications is undergoing a paradigm shift. Industry 4.0 and IIoT, and thus standardized connectivity solutions, are increasingly gaining importance in industry.

The new Kontron KSwitch product family represents a new generation of industrial-strength Fast, Gigabit or even future 10G Gigabit Ethernet switches.

With the new Ethernet switches, Kontron consistently uses a single-chip design, which offers the following advantages:

  • the products are more reliable and cost-effective
  • performance increases with reduced power consumption
  • the design is smaller and more reliable

Due to the robust metal design, both low-cost unmanaged switches as well as web-smart managed switches of the Kontron KSwitch series are suitable for usage in harsh environments. The high temperature range and wide input voltage range allow a wide variety of applications without the need to select a specific model. This results in reduced inventory and service costs.

The use of standardized RJ45 connectors and SFPs results in cost savings in the selection of cables and fiber lines.

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KSwitch Industrial Ethernet Switches

KSwitch D1 UGP Series New

Industrial 2-port Gigabit PoE/PoE+ Injector

KSwitch D1 UGPD Series New

Rugged Industrial 4-port 4-in-1 PoE Injector

KSwitch D2 UG Series New

Up to 10-port full Gigabit Ethernet switches

KSwitch D3 UM Series New

Up to 50-port industrial Ethernet switches with layer 2 ...

KSwitch D3 UMP Series New

10-port Industrial PoE Ethernet switches

KSwitch D3 UMPD Series New

Up to 20-port industrial Ethernet switches

KSwitch R3 UMP Series New

Up to 26-port industrial PoE Gigabit Ethernet switches

KSwitch D2 UF Series New

Unmanaged Ethernet switch with up to 8 ports

KSwitch D3 UF Series New

Up to 24-port fast Ethernet switches with Layer 2 fiber and ...

KSwitch D4 MF Series New

Up to 9-port industrial Ethernet switches

KSwitch D4 MFP Series New

Up to 9-port industrial Ethernet switches

KSwitch D4 MM Series New

Up to 28-port smart-managed Ethernet switches

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