FlatView CTR

Industrial Grade Monitor for Control Rooms
Description du produit
This product is not recommended for new designs.
Last time buy: July 31, 2020
Last time delivery: Jan 31, 2021
  • Display sizes 18.5” and 21.5” with ultra narrow frame
  • ECO version (Intel Atom® Quad Core™) and PRO version (Intel® Core™ i5) available
  • Industrial grade – robust, reliable and light weight metal housing
  • Spray water and dust protected (IP54)
  • Remote Multi-Display Adjustment (LPC4)

The Kontron FlatView CTR series for control room applications offers brilliant screens with an anti-glare surface for best readability. Everything is packed in a lightweight metal housing with an ultra thin frame so that installation on a monitor stand is very easy and convenient.

Additionally the FlatView CTR is protected against spray water and dust. This ensures reliable long term operation even in polluted environments.

The FlatView CTR comes along with a remote display adjustment interface: The so called LPC4 controller enables remote display adjustments through a standard Ethernet connection. Adjustments like brightness or contrast can be done from a remote PC and of course for single and for multiple FlatView CTR at the same time. Setups can be created and stored which is very convenient in applications with alternating users in one workplace.

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