16HP Eight Drive SATA SSD Cassette


16HP Eight Drive SATA SSD Plug-In Cart


Industrial storage systems can be easily assembled by employing CompactPCI® Serial boards and racks. The system slot controller (CPU card) can provide up to eight SATA channels, distributed via the backplane to peripheral card slots, for usage with suitable SATA drive carrier cards. Since standard backplanes are based on a 4HP grid (20.32mm pitch between slots), a bunch of eight drives mounted on individual carrier cards takes up 160mm (32HP) mounting space and spends all available backplane slot resources.

In contrast, the SDC-SATA is an only 80mm (16HP) width cassette, which can accommodate up to eight horizontal mount 2.5-inch SATA drives, for use with a custom backplane.

A suitable backplane is provided with the CompactPCI Serial® system slot, and in addition eight SATA connectors, for direct plug-in of the SDC-SATA drive array cassette. Further more, the backplane can be equipped with CompactPCI Serial® peripheral slots if required, e.g. for PCI Express® based cards (ordering on a custom specific base).

The SDC-SATA can be combined with any CompactPCI® Serial CPU card as a tightly arranged mass storage solution in a common enclosure. If remote storage via PCI Express® external cabling is considered (20Gbps, up to 300m distance), the SDC-SATA cart can be used with the SXS-STRING target system adapter (eight port SATA RAID controller).

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